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Aeron Fully Loaded Adjustable Lumbar - Titanium Open Box - By Herman Miller

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Titanium Aeron Chair By Herman Miller

Combining sleek elegance and ergonomic support, the Herman Miller designed Aeron represents the pinnacle of luxury technology. The innovative design makes the Aeron chair ideal for the office, home. Strong Pellicle suspension distributes your weight evenly over the back and seat while forming to your body.

The unique ergonomics of the Aeron relieves pressure on your back, legs, and torso. With a specially designed lumbar support, Aeron is the leader in design and comfort. Your body is ever-changing and adapting to its environment, so should your chair.


  • Standard Vinyl BLACK Arm Pads
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Titanium Color and Frame
  • Tension Control
  • Height Adjustment
  • Standard Black Caster
  • Rear Tilt
  • BLACK LUMBAR PAD (the chair will not include the posture fit feature as shown in the photo unless selected. The posture fit will be in black)

We are not authorized Herman Miller dealers.

All our chairs are backed by a 30 day No-risk, hassle-free return policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied your chair will be taken back for a refund.

As an independent seller, we back all of our Herman Miller™ chairs with a 30 day No-Risk, Hassle-Free return policy.
Our policy is simple: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your chair it can be returned for a refund.
Madison Seating™ is not an authorized Herman Miller™ dealer.


Chair Features

Adjustable seat height:


  • 10 Year Warranty Exclusively with Madison Seating
  • Modern

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The chair is pristine! This is my 3rd Aeron chair, our oldest is 18 years old and still is the BEST chair to work from out there. Don't let the 'open box' scare you off. If I could show you what the box looked like when it arrived you would have thought the chair would be destroyed - the chair inside the box was pristine and I have just ordered another for my mom. Madison Seating is a great value and delivers a great product.
I am in my recording studio for hours on end. This HM chair is simply Super on all levels; Comfort, Ease of use and Design. This price is a bargain! Get one you will be rewarded for decades to come. Cheers, Gary Crow Productions LLC Seattle, WA
Madison Seating filled my order. (I had previously ordered this same chair from another vendor, trying to save a couple of bucks. Well, you get what you pay for! I never received the chair from the other vendor). I read through the reviews again and noticed that Madison Seating were the "ones to order from." SO GLAD I DID! Beautiful chair, in perfect condition. Thank You Madison Seating!
Arrived early in perfect condition. Love this chair! I suspected my old chair causing problems and could not believe the difference by end of day. Don't be shy about trying lots of adjustments because with diligence can get perfect. I wear different shoes and found I can quickly make perfect each day.
Thank you for the great service and amazing pricing on your Aeron chairs. You're the best on the web.
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