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Furniture Protection FAQ's

What is the Stain Protection Plan?

The Stain Protection Plan protects your purchase from accidental stains excluding accumulation on fabric and leather. If we can't remove the stain or repair the damage we'll replace the item.

What is the Extended Protection Plan?

The Extended Protection Plan provides piece of mind regarding most accidental stains, burns, cuts, scrapes, or water marks on covered fabric, leather or wood merchandise, the kinds of things that happen in day to day life that the manufacturer's warranty never covers. Including;

ALL Stains excluding accumulation
Water or Beverage Marks or Rings
Accidental Scratches Penetration the Top Coat Finish
Accidental Dents, Gouges or Chipping
Seam Separation
Peeling of the Finish of Solid Wood or Veneer Surfaces
Failure of Assembled Joints of Solid or Veneered Wood
Loss of Silvering on Mirrors
Breakage of Frames
Breakage of Springs
Mechanism of Sleeper or Recliners including heaters and vibrating
Breakage of Glass or Mirrors
Failure of Electrical Components
Lifting of Veneers
Checking, Cracking, Bubbling or Peeling of Wood Finish

How long does the Furniture Protection Plan last?

The Furniture Protection Plan lasts 5 years from the date of delivery.

How can I get back the value of the plan?

With your purchase of the 5 year Furniture Protection Plan, if you do not initiate a claim during the 5 years for which there is service, you will be eligible to receive a certificate valued at the original Furniture Protection Plan price, good towards the purchase of new furniture, at Madison Seating.

How does the program work?

If your new furniture covered by this limited Furniture Protection Plan becomes accidentally stained or damaged during normal residential use, and you cannot correct the stain or damage using the provided products and/or procedures, we'll clean, repair or replace the affected portion or the complete item with the same or a similar item having a retail purchase price less than or equal to the original purchase price of the affected item.

How to Obtain Protection Service?

To obtain service, the owner must report the incident within seven (7) days from the date the stain or damage occurs at the toll free number of 1-888-704-3435. Please have your invoice and warranty certificate available when calling.

When will I receive my Furniture Protection Kit?

You will receive the Furniture Protection Kit within two (2) weeks from date of delivery of your purchase.