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Bar Cabinets & Wine Racks

When you are serious about wine, we are serious about the rack! Whether or not you are a connoisseur, our offerings will allow your collection to grow and mature. We have various design styles enhancing our standard cabinets, featuring tabletop, wall, and tower wine racks. Contemporary or traditional, our functional furniture will satisfy the most demanding of customers.


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American Drew Tribecca Flip Top Home Bar - Root Beer

CODE: AMD-912-589

American Drew Tribecca Server

CODE: AMD-912-890

American Drew Tribecca Hutch

CODE: AMD-912-891

American Drew Tribecca Counter Height Pub Set

CODE: AMD-912-706-690-890-891-9SET

American Drew Tribecca Pub Dining Set

CODE: AMD-912-705-691-890-891-7SET

American Drew Tribecca Server with Hutch

CODE: AMD-912-890-891

American Drew Camden-Dark Flip Top Home Bar

CODE: AMD-919-582

American Drew Camden-Dark Bookcase/Bar

CODE: AMD-919-589

American Drew Camden-Dark Pub Set

CODE: AMD-919-707R-690-5SET

American Drew Camden-Dark Home Bar Set

CODE: AMD-919-707R-589-690-6SET

American Drew Camden-Light Flip Top Bar

CODE: AMD-920-582

American Drew Camden-Light Bookcase/Bar

CODE: AMD-920-589

American Drew Camden-Light Pub Set

CODE: AMD-920-707R-690

American Drew Antigua Flip Top Home Bar - Toasted Almond

CODE: AMD-931-589

American Drew Antigua Cabinet Base Wine Rack - Toasted Almond

CODE: AMD-931-590

American Drew Antigua Bar Height Pub Set

CODE: AMD-931-706-4x693-2x590-2x592SET

American Drew Antigua Wine Cabinet

CODE: AMD-931-590-592