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Mix and match eclectic pieces or stick with our traditional dining room table set collections in up to 7 pieces. Magnificent hardwoods in regular and counter heights are featured in nostalgic or modern designs with European flair in natural terracotta, marble, glass, and of course, wooden tops.  The coordinating seating is, needless to say, comfortable, durable, and easily cleaned.


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American Drew Cherry Grove 45th Pedestal Dining Set

CODE: AMD-792-744R-6x654-2x55-840R-SET

American Drew Cherry Grove 45th Oval Leg Dining Set

CODE: AMD-792-760-4x636-2x637-830R-SET

American Drew Jessica McClintock Couture Renaissance Dining Set

CODE: AMD-908-744R-636-637-7SET

American Drew Jessica McClintock Couture Silver Leaf Dining Set

CODE: AMD-908-760-638-39-857-041

American Drew Tribecca Round Dining Set

CODE: AMD-912-701-4x636-850-020-7SET

American Drew Tribecca Leg Table Dining Set

CODE: AMD-912-760-622-23-9SET

American Drew Camden-Dark Pub Set

CODE: AMD-919-707R-690-5SET

American Drew Camden-Dark Round Dining Set

CODE: AMD-919-701R-636-890-015-7SET

American Drew Camden-Dark Gathering Dining Set

CODE: AMD-919-705-588-4x690-6SET

American Drew Camden-Dark Home Bar Set

CODE: AMD-919-707R-589-690-6SET

American Drew Camden-Light Gathering Dining Set

CODE: AMD-920-705-4x690-588-6SET

American Drew Camden-Light Pub Set

CODE: AMD-920-707R-690

American Drew Camden-Light Round Dining Set

CODE: AMD-920-701R-636-SET

American Drew Camden-Light Leg Dining Set

CODE: AMD-920-760-830R-4x636-2x637-SET

American Drew Antigua Dining Set

CODE: AMD-931-760-830R-4x636-2x637-SET

American Drew Antigua Counter Height Dining Set

CODE: AMD-931-705-4x690-5SET