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Accessories are not necessities, just niceties!  A simple coatrack featured in one of a rainbow of colors will help your child learn to hang up his clothes and teach personal responsibility. Cheval mirrors, dress-up units, and swivel vanities for girls will accustom them to good grooming on a daily basis.  We have added an art table with drying racks for the budding artist to our collection and double dresser sets for extra storage.

$84.99 $54.99

Boom2O Speakers by LumiSource

The Boom2O Speakers bring your party to life by dancing to the beat of your music with 6 LEDs per speaker. The louder the music, the higher the water rises with excitement. The speakers connect to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device via standard audio cord. USB powered. Separate switches for power, LED lights, and volume.


  • Mulit Colored LED
  • Sound Responsive Water and Light Show


  • Overall Size - 3.5" D x  10" H