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Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Chairs are state of the art assertions of elegance and ergonomic design, born from the creative and exacting minds at Herman Miller. The Aeron Chair Loaded is at the vanguard of luxury and cutting edge technology. Used widely in fortune 500 companies and Hollywood sets, this chair is amongst the most popular in the market today.

The innovative design makes the Aeron Chair ideal for the office or home space environment. Its focuses on the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays aligned and you avoid back pain.The strong suspension distributes your weight evenly over the back and seat while conforming to your body type.

Its fashion inspired ergonomic mesh seat and backrest relieves pressure on your upper and lower back, legs, and torso enhancing your feeling of overall wellness. With its specially designed lumbar support, the Aeron remains the leader in design and comfort. Your body is ever-changing and adapting to its environment, and the Aeron chair does so as well.


  • Carbon Color with Graphite Frame
  • Tension Control
  • Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support or Posture-Fit System Available

Although we are not Herman Miller authorized dealers, all our chairs are backed by a 30 day No-risk, hassle-free return policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied your chair will be taken back for a full refund.

Some features of the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller



Chair Features

Lumbar support:
Seat tension control:
Rear tilt lock:
Adjustable seat height:
Adjustable armrest height:
Adjustable armrest pivot:


42.75" H x 27" W
Carbon (Black), Lead (Grey), Sapphire (Blue), Emerald (Green)


I visited this website when I'm comparing prices on Google shopping, but the price is not competitive at that time. However I noticed the Ads from madison seating when just searching "Aeron chair" on google, the price become awesome if you click through that Ad, and free shipping too!

The chair itself is good, delivery not too slow(2 weeks from NYC to Bay area).
Finally a website where I can see the chair that I'm getting when I select the different options. Makes it MUCH easier to visualize.
aeron chair's here.. have no fear.. ur in da clear.. just made up this lil rap for u guys! this chair is sweeet man!!!
Just refurnished my office and purchased this chair for all my employees. I personally like the lumbar support over the posture fit but everyone seems to be happy. Thank you for the great service and quick delivery.
Good product and service.
This chair was a great buy. I was able to select the different choices for blue and back support and it came fast.
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